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what a garment maker has to say

This is an interview with a textile worker in Bangladesh that mass produces pants for stores such as Sears, Tesco, Primark, and others. Shuma Sarkar describes the poor conditions of working in a textile factory, delving into what that means for workers’ wellness as well. Horrors such as unclean drinking water, dirty bathrooms, constant pressure,… Continue Reading →

beginner’s guide to slowing down

By now, you’ve probably heard the term “fast fashion” a million times. Fast fashion is the industry that produces most of the clothing people wear today: cheap, mass-produced apparel made from plastic materials by shady businesses. Fast fashion exploits underpaid and overworked laborers in countries with looser labor laws than where the fashion company is headquartered. Chemical… Continue Reading →

what’s happening to our earth (and us in turn)?

Many news stories and documentaries focus on the humanitarian side of the fast fashion industries sins: pulling at the heart strings is an Aristotelian method of getting an audience to react–or even just click on the video with the saddest or most shocking thumbnail and description. People all see the atrocities committed against workers in… Continue Reading →


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